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The form of View Point House was driven by the need to save neighbors views, while at the same time maximizing the home's own ocean views. Located on a corner lot, with streets that run along the view sides, an angled shape offered privacy while maintaining views. The house was designed for a couple with older children and who work at home. The living space, her office, and the large outdoor deck area, equipped with a fire pit, are located on the second level to take advantage of the multi-directional views. The master bedroom and his office are located on the main level which opens out to the gardens and spa, elevated from the street, to afford view and privacy. The children's bedrooms and entertainment area are located on the bottom floor.



Located on a mountaintop with 360-degree views, the 6500 sq. ft. residence soars from the entry widening over the 90 foot length to the gallery living space. The diagonal of the pool and dining intersects the space leading the eye from the ocean through the house over the pool to the surrounding mountains.  Out of the gray trapezoid volume the auxiliary spaces ( bedrooms, offices and gym) are expressed as white volumes along the gallery space. There is a office and night viewing deck stacked on top of the above 20’ diameter water tank required in case of fire and keeping it from being a separate blight in the landscape.


Renaud/Jaeger House

The 2818 sq. ft. residence was originally designed by Batter Kay 25 years ago but was changed over time by various owners. This time the building was updated inside and out and a large deck added on the view side.  Outside all the materials were modernized with white stucco, etched glass garage doors and the removal of a large view blocking fireplace/shear wall. Inside the master suite was rearranged to provide more view and better use. The new larger deck gave them outdoor living and dining space with fire feature. Below the deck became a shaded outdoor terrace for bedrooms and exercise room.

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