Batter Kay Associates are San Diego architects who adhere to the principle that there is no substitution for the clean, crisp geometry of intelligent architecture. Founded by two Harvard University graduates who were inspired by the rigorous yet elegant legacy of the Bauhaus and the timeless, exciting forms produced by Le Corbusier, Batter Kay brings a sophisticated sense of problem solving to all phases of architecture.

While the firm primarily specializes in custom residences, Batter Kay has also designed a wide spectrum of work ranging from educational, retail, office and industrial buildings to condominiums and renovations. As award-winning modern architects in San Diego and across the United States, Batter Kay has become a staple in contemporary architecture.

Each Batter Kay building is uniquely conceived and refined within a comprehensive set of parameters.


Within a vocabulary that is modern yet classic, Batter Kay creates spectacular spaces that are luminous with light and radiant with a sense of energy. After all, buildings intended to live for decades demand enduring design.

Remodeling and Home Design